A wellhead design can be as simple as one threaded gate valve on the production casing and one threaded flow tee. A complicated wellhead design can consist of Base Plate, casing head, Casing Spool, Tubing Spool, Tubing Head Adapter, Lower Master Valves, Upper Master Valves, Cross, Swab Valve, Tree Cap Test Adapter, Casing Slips Hanger, Casing Packoff, Tubing Hanger, Wing Valve, Outlet Gate Valves, Bland Flange, Bull Plugs, and Pressure Gauges. See Wellhead Design page for details.

Thermal wellhead designs are mainly steam-assisted gravity drainage wellhead (SAGD wellhead) or cyclic steam stimulation (CSS wellhead). The design must consider the high temperature effects on seal material, wellhead component expansion and contraction, and casing growing. See Thermal Wellhead Design for details.

Wellhead training program assist wellhead buyers, wellhead quality controls, wellhead designers, or wellhead engineers to manufacture, purchase, inspect, and design a wellhead component or a wellhead system based on API 6A wellhead equipment specification.

Wellhead design calculation address the methods in designing a wellhead component based on the industrial codes and good engineering practices to calculate the components at certain design factors (or safety factors).

Wellhead assembly diagram is designed as specified by a well completion engineer in an oil company. See Wellhead Consulting page for details.