API 6A Wellhead Service

Gas wells and oil wells have a high potential hazard. There may have flammable gas, H2S, hidden pressure, moving/rotating equipment, etc. Formal trained technicians and experience are critical in properly performing API 6A Surface Wellhead Installation & Maintenance.

Wellhead Installation:
Pressure contained wellheads have potential risks to become disaster without proper installation which should be performed by wellhead technicians. These technicians are required to maintain proficiency in all current government and industry mandated courses and certificates. These qualifications along with continual training in equipment application and safety operation must be according to international standards and national regulation.

Complete Maintenance Service:
In order to extend an oil well or gas well life and saving cost, regular wellhead maintenance is critical.
Regular wellhead maintenance services include:

  • On-site Pressure bleeding / monitoring

  • Visual inspections

  • Function testing of valves, chokes and actuators

  • Pressure testing of valves and interfaces

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Lubrication

Retrofit Parts:
Retrofit a wellhead component can be cost saving when checked and certificated by a professional wellhead engineer. PetroPi can retrofit a used part or make a new part for wellhead configurations where the manufacturer has ceased production. These replacement parts can radically extend the operating life of the equipment.