API 6A Wellhead Products

API 6A Surface Wellhead products can be a wellhead system or wellhead Christmas Tree based on specific application, or can be individual component or combined components. Wellhead components include Casing Head and Casing Spool, Tubing Head and Tubing Spool, Casing Slips Hanger and Mandrel Hangers, API 6A Flanges, Crosses and Tees. Wellhead products can be API 6A monogrammed, or can be monogrammable made per API 6A requirement.

API 6A Surface Wellhead system based on the application:

  • Flowing Wellhead in sweet condition

  • Flowing Wellhead in sour condition

  • Rod Wellhead

  • ESP Wellhead

  • PCP Wellhead

  • Gas Lift Wellhead

  • Plunger Lift Wellhead

API 6A Wellhead and Christmas Tree components:

  • Casing Head  and  Casing Spool

  • Tubing Head and Tubing Spool

  • Casing Slips Hanger and Mandrel Hangers

  • Tubing Hanger at single hole, dual, or triple

  • Coil Tubing Slips

  • Double Pack-off Flanges

  • Retrievable Wear Bushings

  • Primary Seals and Secondary Seals

  • Crosses and Tees

  • Tree Cap Assembly

  • Stuffing Box

  • Companion, blind and Weld Neck Flanges

  • Threaded Connector: Bull Plug, Valve Removal Plugs

  • BOP